James Meier

Profile Updated: April 5, 2009
James Meier
Residing In: Wichita, KS USA
Spouse: Jane
Occupation or retired from: Manufacturing company Manager
Yes! Attending Reunion
Married to person above on what mm/dd/yy:


How long have you attended CCC:

16 years

What attracted you to this church:

My wife actually had been attending Central for a few years and after our first child was born we made the decision to make it our church home.

How long in High IMPACT:

Around 2005 to become a regular and maybe some in 2004.

What attracted you to the class:

My wife was one of the original members and we tried some other classes but we always feel at home in this class.

Share a testimony here:

I was not raised in the church even though both of my parents were and we talked of religon at home. We basicly attended church when the grandparents came to visit. Otherwise, I had very loving parents and a good childhood. I made a lot of poor decisions from my middle school years up to my early to mid twenty's. I was then divorced and had a very young daughter to raise. It was then that I met Jane and after the birth of our first son we made the decision to raise our family in the church. We hope that they will use what they learn here to make better decisions than we did.

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